Jun Xu – Personal Mortgage Adviser

A passion for helping his clients to achieve their property and finance goals, coupled with his home lending experience, means Jun Xu’s clients always receive excellent mortgage advice.

“My lending experience and associated product knowledge means I have a very good understanding of the best types of products and loan structures that are going to work best for my clients and meet their needs.”

“But it’s more than just product knowledge that makes me a good mortgage adviser – I believe it’s important that I take the time and make the effort to walk my clients through the home loan process, understanding it can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing.”

“I have a genuine passion for helping people to get ahead in life and build wealth for themselves and their families.”

Jun has a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service and this means responding quickly to client queries and concerns and making sure he achieves the results his clients want.

He is able to assist all types of borrowers – first homebuyers, those looking to refinance an existing property or purchase a new property, and those wanting to start or grow their investment property portfolio.

Jun offers a fully mobile service throughout Canberra and surrounds. Many of his clients are members of Sydney’s Chinese community.

Smartline High Achievement Award $35m – $50m Winner 2017


Parteek Singh – Personal Mortgage Adviser

Parteek is a dedicated, trustworthy and knowledgeable adviser who can assist with all lending needs, from home loans and investment loans to business
lending, asset finance, personal loans and car loans.

Personable and friendly, Parteek will always take the time to understand your lending requirements and financial circumstances.

“Once I properly understand your needs, I can select the loan product that suits your unique situations, making sure you don’t wind up in financial hardship down the track. Conversely, I also make sure that you understand your options and the lending product you choose so there are no nasty surprises in the future.”

Parteek strives to provide the best customer service possible, and believes communication and rapport is the key to being a great mortgage adviser. Patient and understanding, he is always available to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

“No question is too small,” says Parteek. “I am passionate about helping people navigate the sometimes complicated – and often stressful – lending process. I genuinely care about my clients and enjoy establishing relationships based on trust, honesty and mutual respect.”

“I will also discuss your future plans – be that property investment, your own business or borrowing to make a large purchase – so I can make sure I structure your lending with your future needs in mind. After settlement, I provide regular communication, updates and reviews so I can ensure you remain with the appropriate loan options over the long term.”

Parteek is fully mobile in the ACT, Melbourne and surrounds.


Liah Kang – Personal Mortgage Adviser

Friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated, Liah is a mortgage adviser who always puts her clients first. She prides herself on providing an outstanding customer service and exceeding her clients’ expectations every time.

Liah knows that open communication and understanding her clients’ needs are essential to being a great mortgage adviser.

“It’s about listening carefully and understanding each client’s situation – otherwise you can’t know what they need,” she says. “Loan products must be
suited to the client’s individual requirements and circumstances. They can’t put them in financial hardship down the track.”

Always readily available to respond to queries and questions, Liah is completely open and honest about all aspects of the lending process. If something isn’t going to work financially, she will let you know. At the same time, she will go above and beyond to make something work if possible.

Liah also ensures her clients fully understand the loan products themselves so they can make informed choices. Her knowledge and experience with the many loan products on the market means she is ideally placed to guide her clients through this process.

“I know borrowing can be a stressful time,” she says. “That’s why I’m here – I can alleviate that stress by taking on the admin, negotiation and red tape that goes with lending.”

Liah is based in Canberra but is fully mobile and also happy to help clients interstate via phone and Skype.


Damon Zheng Mortgage BrokerZhipei (Damon) Zheng – Personal Mortgage Adviser

Damon is a dedicated and reliable mortgage adviser who will make you feel comfortable right away. He can assist with all types of loans, from home loans and investment loans to business and asset finance.

Friendly, approachable and passionate about his job, Damon loves getting to know his clients and always enjoys a chat. “I treat my clients as friends,” says Damon, “and I care about their livelihood. I will always go above and beyond the call of duty when looking at ways to help my clients build their personal wealth, just as I would with my friends.”

Damon’s knowledge and experience in lending over the years means he has faced all manner of different circumstances with his clients. He prides himself on finding a way. “I continue to work towards helping my clients achieve their dreams, even if we have to look out of the box to get there,” he says.

Damon is readily available to answer questions throughout the week as well as on weekends. “I know that many of my clients work hard throughout the working week and prefer to do their personal admin outside of these hours. I’m very flexible – it’s about what suits my clients.”

“Being a great mortgage adviser is about getting the right loan for each client, and ensuring it suits their personal circumstances. Once I get to know my clients, I can determine the appropriate loan for them and use my relationships with our lenders to secure a competitive rate.”

Damon is fully mobile and can assist clients across the ACT.