kamal-aeriKamal Aeri – Personal Mortgage Adviser

M: 0423 678 447
E: kaeri@smartline.com.au

Kamal’s depth and breadth of experience in finance and mortgage broking give him the knowledge to deal with all aspects of your loan transaction.

In addition to being an experienced mortgage adviser, Kamal is a qualified Accountant with SR Perks and has specialist knowledge in accounting and taxation. This allows him to read and understand any financial information, and make assessments around the financial strength of the deal.

Kamal’s services span the whole spectrum of finance, from helping first home buyers break into the market and families refinance their existing home loans, right through to working with sophisticated investment portfolios.

Kamal prides himself on his communication skills – he is a great listener and considers this to be an essential skill for any mortgage broker.

“If you don’t listen to your clients, you don’t know what they need,” he says. “Loan products must be suited to the client’s individual requirements and circumstances, and not put them in financial hardship down the track. Clients also need to fully understand the product they are choosing and it is the role of the broker to ensure this is the case.”

Kamal’s mortgage advisory service benefits from his many personal qualities – qualities that suit mortgage advisory to a tee. He is available and reliable, trustworthy, dedicated and relationship-focused – rather than sales focused.

Kamal’s Indian heritage means he speaks Hindi and Punjabi as well as English.

“I always treat my clients with respect for their culture and heritage,” he says.

While Kamal focuses on residential loans for homeowners and investors, he is also able to do commercial and business finance, as well as asset finance, leasing and personal loans.

Based in Adelaide, Kamal is fully mobile and happy to assist clients around the country.

Smartline Awards:
– Marketing Champion SA/NT Winner 2019, 2020
– Client Care Award 2019, 2020
– High Achievement Award 2018, 2019, 2020
– Franchise Owner of the Year SA/NT Finalist 2018, 2019, 2020
– Business Growth Award 2018, 2019
– Marketing Champion SA/NT Finalist 2018

Other awards:
– Winner MFAA Awards: Loan Administrator Award SA/NT 2019
– Finalist MFAA Awards: Loan Administrator Award National 2019