Grab your scarf and your jersey. Grand Final weekend is here. To celebrate, we share six ways you can kick your financial goals.

AFL grand final1. Firstly, set goals

You can’t kick a financial goal that doesn’t exist. The key to getting financially savvy, and moving ahead, is having clear, specific and concrete financial goals.

“The more specific the goal, the more likely you are to achieve it,” says financial adviser, Olivia Maragna.
Whether you are saving for a house, a new car, a new business, holiday or early retirement, decide on what you want financially, and go for it.

2. Make a game plan

It’s not luck deciding the winners this weekend. It’s persistence, hard work, and strategy. Designing and implementing a clear saving strategy gives you more chance of reaching your financial goals.
Once you’ve decided on your goal, look at your current spending habits, and income. The easiest way to do this is to draw up a budget. Try using our handy Budget Planner.

Identify your sticky areas. How much debt have you accumulated? What’s your buffer zone? Any unnecessary expenses?

Talk to your financial adviser, tax accountant and mortgage adviser about how you can improve your budget, and take practical steps to move towards your financial goal. Our Savings Plan calculator can get you started.

3.Practice makes perfect

They say it takes 66 days to change a habit. No doubt the boys have done a lot more work than that, in the lead up to the final.

Once you’ve identified what you want to change, and how, you need to start making changes. Financial habits, like most habits, can be changed, with the right amount of dedication. To meet your savings goal, you might need to limit evenings out, and curve unnecessary spending. Make lunch to take to work. Bring a flask, instead of drinking coffee at a cafe. Plan and book holidays early, to avoid paying top dollar. Pay credit cards and bills on time, to ensure your credit history is the best it can be.

4. Give yourself a buffer zone

The more comfortable your lead in the game, the more likely your win. Give yourself plenty of breathing room, when it comes to your financial goals. Save more than you need. Spend less than you can. Instate an emergency fund, which can cover the incidentals, like medical costs.

5. Enjoy the game

Finances, like footy, doesn’t have to be gruelling. They can be fun! Fill up on financial knowledge, like information in our blog, use your support network, and take a positive mindset to get the most out of your finances.

6. Turn to your key supporters

The players don’t do it alone. And nor should you. Reaching your financial goals takes commitment, hard work, attention, and skill. Lucky for you, your financial adviser, tax accountant and Smartline advisers can help guide you in the right direction.

Book a chat with your Smartline Adviser today to find out how you can kick your financial goals.