Car Buying and Finance

We now offer a program that is changing the traditional process of buying a New Car. Typically, one would research the car, looking at different websites and car reviews to find the car that best suits your needs, before you even dare enter a car yard and take the car for a test-drive. What most people don’t enjoy about buying a New Car is the high-pressure sales techniques that are applied on the unsuspecting Buyer, which inevitably leads to the Buyer leaving the dealership with a bigger hole in their pocket, than anticipated. You know, the added paint protection, extra warranty (that is already protected under consumer law), window tinting and whatever else, before the 1% interest Finance is applied. Which by the way, often ends up with higher repayments than what you would have had, had you financed the car on your own.

Well, here’s the solution – once you have selected the car of your dreams and you’ve taken it for a test-drive, you forward the details of the car to us and we do the legwork for you. The car make, model and specifications go out to tender to different dealerships in our network. They then tender to supply the car at the lowest possible price, including all of the options and accessories that your heart desires. We can even arrange the trade-in of your existing car.

Once the best price has been negotiated and you have your finance inhand, the car is delivered to your preferred address, whether that be home or your place of work….with a free tank of fuel!

This is the way the world is moving, car dealerships are under immense pressure to maintain their profit margins and the easiest way to do this, is to add-on sell stuff you may not need and then lock you into a finance deal, that will see recurring revenue for them at a profit for the dealership.

Dealerships usually get their Finance through a Lender, which you can access directly, only the Dealer makes a profit on the interest rate. We can compare the rates and repayments of a number of Lenders, ensuring you get a product that best suits your needs and with lower repayments than what you would typically get from a Dealership.

If you too would like to experience a more efficient process of buying your next New Car, give us a call!