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11 November 2017

This may simply be the change in SMSF regulation but we were a little shocked at how little lead time we were given to sign papers and get all the papers certified. We were told that what we needed to do was to simply to sign the papers but it turned out what we had to go to our accountant, lawyer, JPs etc to get the documents properly signed and certified. In the end, in order to meet the tight timeframes we had to both take emergency leave which really was not ideal. It would have been great if we were forewarned about this. What was most annoying was that we had to get the paperwork certified 4 times as the first three were incorrectly certified. It really would have been great if someone in the system told us exactly what was required (we have made a complaint with our lawyers which we think might be part of the problem as they did not inform us how to certify documents properly - we saw this as part of their job).


Adviser - Lana Roos

27 October 2017

Nothing to add, other than we were very happy with Lana's service.

Henry T

Adviser - Lana Roos

10 September 2017

Lilian M

Adviser - Lana Roos

21 August 2017

Lana was professional and polite at all times, and endeavoured to give me the best deal she could get. I'm sure she had lots of clients on the go, but she made me feel that nothing was too much for her. I look forward to working with Lana in the future.

Marie D

Adviser - Lana Roos

12 May 2017

Great service, combined with thoughtful and prudent advice. When it comes to Lana you can take that to the BANK!


Adviser - Lana Roos

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