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Marilyn Coles

Marilyn Coles

Marilyn offers clients an outstanding mortgage advisory service backed by more than 25 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry, and an award-winning approach to customer service.

“I take great pride in my honesty, commitment and work ethic, and work very closely with clients to ensure they receive the deal that is right for them.”

She is based in Lismore and offers a fully mobile service in the greater area.

Call Smartline’s Marilyn Coles today on 02 6621 9665

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9 July 2018

Jocelyn M

Adviser - Marilyn Coles

21 June 2018

Marilyn was fantastic and took time to explain to a novice how it all works. She was instrumental in helping me buy my first home. I’m very glad I chose her as my broker and told her so! Champion.

Catherine D

Adviser - Marilyn Coles

13 June 2018

Fiona W

Adviser - Marilyn Coles

30 May 2018

Kim H

Adviser - Marilyn Coles

15 May 2018

Penny J

Adviser - Marilyn Coles

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