Kincumber Housing Market – 6 years of growth

With easy access to some of the best beaches in NSW, reputable schools, Erina Fair and Gosford, Kincumber is one of those suburbs that ticks a lot of boxes.

Map of Kincumber and surrounding area

As you can see below, the number of new dwellings in Kincumber between the 2011 and 2016 Census was 165. Interestingly, the number of fully owned houses (with no mortgage) was the fastest growing sector. 31.4% of the households in Kincumber are mortgaged, which is almost exactly the same as the whole of Australia. However, the percentage of households that are renting, 16.9%, is well below the Australian Average. Even the Central Coast average is 25.7%.

The chart below shows the difference between Kincumber and the rest of the Central Coast. More owners, less renters.

Kincumber’s high percentage of owners have done very well over the last 6 years. If you purchased in 2012, you could not have timed the market any better. The table below shows the amazing % growth since 2013.

Unlike many of the suburbs on the Central Coast, which have seen significant falls in the number of house sales, Kincumber has been fairly steady.  The chart below indicates a pretty active real estate market.

The table and chart below are very interesting. As you can see from the chart, Kincumber prices seem to have stabilised since the end of 2017, however, the growth we have seen is something to behold. Although the first home buyer incentive still applies to around 40% of the market, I suspect the growth in this suburb’s value has more to do with its central and convenient location and the growing reputations of the local schools.

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