Renovation Success – Davistown

In March 2014, the Davistown median house price was $467,500. The March 2018 median house price (4 years later) was $695,000. That is a suburb growth rate of 48.6% over 4 years.

This house at 17 Dilgara Avenue, Davistown was purchased back in March 2014 for $368,000. If we use the suburb growth rate of 48.6%, the sale price now would be approximately $546,000.  However, this house just sold for $650,000.

So why did this house out-perform the market? Have a look at the pictures below. They will tell the story. This looks like a non-structural renovation. Aside from the large new garage, the rest of the renovation looks like a lot of hard work and improvements. Maybe $50,000 in total?

If you are looking to renovate, please give me a call to talk through your options.