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14 January 2018

I’ve known Mel for some time as she helped me buy my first home and later my first home with my wife. After a torturous and testing process with various banks and an aborted build (our choice) we’ve just recently settled on our “forever” family home in Mount Barker. It’s a huge relief after many months of banks changing the rules on us and shifting the goal posts but finally Mel was able to get us across the line. I can confidently say we would never have been able to do this on our own and Mel has spent countless hours and sleepless nights on our deal (which included a refinance). I have recommended her services to a number of friends and family but felt I should write to you also to express my gratitude. I don’t know what other mortgage brokers are like but I can say (mind the French) she is bloody good at what she does and an exceptional person to work with personally and professionally. Thanks to her hard work we are now able to move into a home our family and our two little boys can grow into and enjoy. I can’t speak more highly of her as one of your brokers. With thanks and gratitude

Sean M

25 December 2017

It was a pleasure dealing with Melinda. She is professional and knows her stuff. We will deal with her again.

Jolanda, Craig V

12 October 2017

I have used Mel in the past and obviously felt happy enough to use her again. I often encourage friends and family to contact Mel

Vanessa H

7 October 2017

Troy K

14 September 2017

Mel has gone over and above the normal expectations of an advisor. The biggest problem is dealing with the Bank policies and procedures. Its people like Mel that deserve to be rewarded more as she does far more than what is usually expected from such an advisor. I think the banks do more to hinder the lending process than trying to do whats best for the customer. I would hate to think what we would have had to go through had we not had Mel's assistance. We will definitely be asking for her assistance again if the need arises. Cheers Karin

Karin D

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