Andrew Bromley Mortgage BrokerAndrew Bromley – Personal Mortgage Adviser


Andrew is a multi-award winning mortgage adviser who is both personable and professional, with an outstanding knowledge of the lending products, structures and various bank policies across the industry.

Solving problems is Andrew’s speciality. He is adept at looking at all the pieces of the puzzle and persevering until a solution is found.

“People’s circumstances change and their financial situation is not always straightforward. On top of this, lending restrictions and bank policies can change from one month to the next so it’s critical that brokers can adapt. I am always on top of the market and make sure I know my clients situation fully, so I can choose the right lender for the particular combination of circumstances. I am not someone who gives up easily!”

Andrew can assist with all lending needs, from home loans and personal loans to asset finance, short term business lending and commercial lending.

“I will always go the extra mile to get your loan approved. If I have to chase lenders or agents, I will. If I need to negotiate with the banks, I will.”

Trust and mutual respect is important to Andrew, and he always delivers a professional and highly efficient customer service.

“I see the relationship as a partnership. We will discuss your financial circumstances and your goals, and I’ll provide you with a range of suitable solutions and ensure you are making financially sound, informed decisions. I’ll always keep you up to date on the progress of your application, making sure it proceeds as planned by keeping tabs on the lender. The end result is the appropriate loan with a competitive rate.”

Andrew is also focussed on your long term plans and will always ensure he finds a loan solution that takes into account your future needs and objectives. He will keep in touch with you after settlement to check you are still getting a competitive rate and the right lending solution for your needs.

Based in Dunsborough in WA, Andrew is fully mobile and happy to assist borrowers anywhere.

  • Better Business Awards Best Resional Office WA 2020 Finalist
  • Better Business Awards Best Resional Broker WA 2020 Finalist
  • Better Business Awards Rising Star WA 2019 Finalist
  • MFAA Regional Finance Broker Award WA 2019 Finalist