Chanae Coughlan mortgage brokerChanae Coughlan  – Personal Mortgage Adviser


If professionalism, integrity and impeccable customer service are what you seek in a mortgage adviser, Chanae Coughlan is the right adviser for you. Chanae prides herself on being attentive and respectful, and really listening to her clients so she can accurately determine their borrowing needs and expectations.

“I place very high importance on being open and transparent with clients – this is the foundation for trust and the building of long term relationships,” says Chanae.

She is highly knowledgeable on the wide variety of lending products available, and ensures she keeps up to date on new products coming onto the market. Her background as a Credit Analyst means she has a thorough knowledge of the credit assessment process, including how to structure deals to best suit her client’s needs and how best to present them to lenders.

“I’m about ensuring the loan fits perfectly into my client’s overall financial situation and goals,” says Chanae.

Chanae is happy to help all borrowers, particularly first home buyers. Based in Dunsborough in WA, she is fully mobile and services primarily the South West region of WA.