Are you a mum in business?

Hi! And thanks so much for your interest in attending a Motivating Mum Businessmums’ Club.

As you may already know, Businessmums’ Club was developed to cater for those mums wanting to develop in-depth relationships and benefit from the exclusivity offered with such a group.

We put our heads together and came up with the following package which we hope encompasses everything from networking, to business support, to the advancement of your business.

The membership consists of:

  • Exclusive membership to a Businessmums’ club, meeting either the:
  • We also Clubs in Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne
  • You choose which Club you will attend and you always attend that same day.
  • The club runs for two hours over tea, coffee and pastries between 10am – 12pm (although a couple of the Clubs run between 9.30am – 11.30am).

The sessions consist of:

  • 1 min introduction for every member
  • 5 min presentation for 1 x member (everyone will get min. 1 per 6 mths)
  • Goal setting and accountability for everyone
  • Referral session (i.e. letting each other know about opportunities, referrals etc)
  • 15 min brainstorm sessions for 2 x members (everyone will get min. 1 per 6 mths)
  • Networking

As a member you will also receive:

Business name (with hyperlink) and one line description of business on the associate’s page, under member’s heading.

Rules and regulations:

As with all networking groups, there are some rules and regulations and these are ours:

  • If you decide to join, commitment is for 6 months.  There is no casual option as I’m sure you can appreciate, it makes it very difficult to ensure a great session for members with valuable help and advice if people are just attending if and when it suits them.
  • Membership is limited to one person per field.  That said, two photographers could belong as long as both have different niches, and agreed that this was the case i.e. boudoir and family photography.
  • You may have more than one skill or business under your belt, however, you can only promote the skill or business you registered under.  If you would like to promote the gamut of what you do, come along to a non-exclusive lunch and market away!
  • If you can’t make a date you can send someone in your place (as long as this doesn’t affect the exclusivity of the club).
  • Friends and colleagues can trial the event at a cost of $27.50 inc GST again, as long as this doesn’t affect exclusivity (this price can vary slightly between Clubs).
  • A waiting list will be developed for mums wanting to join, but can’t, due to the existing membership of someone in the same field. 


As a first time Trial visit you pay $28 The cost of the club is $156 for 6 months, which comes in at $26 a month and includes your first cup of tea or coffee and something yummy (this can vary slightly from Club to Club). This means the Motivating Mum Businessmums’ Clubs are one of the best value-for-money business events in Australia.

 What I need from you:

To get started I will need you to complete the registration at this link: The host of the Club will then send you a link or invoice, which you will also need to pay to confirm your place.

I hope you like the look of Businessmums’ Club and we are able to welcome you to as a member soon.