She believed she could, so she did!

I was 21 when I was told I wouldn’t be able to buy a property by myself.  Not sure why that person told me I wouldn’t own a property as a young single lady, but they did, and I set out to prove them wrong.  (Gives you a hint about my personality).

Knowledge is power, right?!  I armed myself with as much information as I could, researching then finally seeing a broker to understand what I could or couldn’t do.  By my 22 birthday, I had purchased my first home.

There are many things about that home, that I will never forget.  When I first viewed the house, I wasn’t impressed and the kitchen was ugly.   We are talking retro 80’s orange countertops and brown cupboards.  I went home, compared other properties that were on the market and I decided it was a good buy, even with the budget I would need to renovate.  The renovations, were, well just that renovations – a life experience, a right of passage, a nuisance, a disaster and eventually a triumph.  It became a comfortable home, my little oasis that I shared with my sister and niece.  Oh, the stories that home could tell you.

Age is very much a decisive factor in determining our spending habits.  Our attitudes towards money and financial priorities change as we grow.   At different life stages, we think about different things, worried about different issues and focused on achieving different goals. Naturally, this impacts our finances.

If your goal is home ownership, it is achievable, you just need a plan.