Home loans for the self-employed and business owners


Let’s just start to the point, trying to get a home loan these days is hard, due to the new banking criteria and policies. It can be even harder if you are self employed, you need loads of paper work and over top information to give to the banks.

As a Mortgage Finance Broker, I have helped many clients who are self employed, through the mountain of information to get a home loan. As a mortgage broker we take out the headaches and help streamline the information banks need and we spam filter of bank jargon etc. Plus I have 30 lenders to choice from (for all scenarios). Example; i have lenders who will give you a home loan even when you have an ATO debt and on a payment plain.

Mortgage Brokers do the research to find the lender or bank that can help you at your current situation or needs.

Home loans for the self-employed and business owners.

Small business owners are the lifeblood of the Australian economy so why is it so hard for them to get a home loan? NOT a PAYG, most lenders are not that interested in you. Get your foot in the door and access many of the home loan lenders we offer quickly and easily without having to jump through the hoops.

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I can look at different lenders rather than the top 4 banks, and these lenders are a lot easier to deal thing than the main stream banks.