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9 December 2017

Saurav K

Adviser - Sarju Shrestha

12 October 2017


Adviser - Sarju Shrestha

6 June 2017

Our Adviser Sarju Shrestha was great from the start and I really appreciate his effort in providing us with detailed information which helped us understand all the terms better and also helped us to be prepared for any circumstances that may occur in the future and would like to thank his work and service in our journey through the firm home purchase.


Adviser - Sarju Shrestha

6 May 2017


Adviser - Sarju Shrestha

8 October 2016

I have a busy Monday to Friday office job and Sarju Shrestha, my Adviser was able to work around my busy schedule. He was contactable outside of office hours and would always reply promptly. Thank you for all your help, Sarju! Have already started referring some of my friends and colleagues to him. Keep up the great work!

Jenny L

Adviser - Sarju Shrestha

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