Tony Mustafa – Personal Mortgage Adviser

I have lived and worked in the Liverpool and Fairfield area for over 40 years and my community means everything to me.

As a local and a small business owner myself, I find I can more easily understand where my clients are coming from and what they need. However, I will always take the time to get to know each client’s personal financial circumstances so I can help them navigate the borrowing world and get them the finance solution that suits them best.

I have a unique background across a number of industries – from finance and banking to sales and marketing. This means that not only do I have an in-depth knowledge of the borrowing and financing world, but I am also deeply committed to providing outstanding customer service. I will always go the extra mile for my clients – whether that means negotiating with their lender for a better rate, understanding why a lender won’t approve a loan and finding another solution for them, or just being available 24/7 to support my clients through what can be a stressful time.

As a broker, I know I play an important role in helping my clients build personal wealth. I can provide my clients with better access and greater choice in their finance options, and unlike individual lenders, can offer objective loan advice and personalised loan solutions. Getting a personalised finance solution that suits your unique needs today – and in the future – is a critical step in making sure your money is working for you.

I’m also passionate about supporting my local community, helping to create strong connections and a vibrant local area. I’ve worked extremely hard to build a business that delivers real benefits to our community. I have many years’ experience with the local property market and a huge number of strong business relationships from which my clients can benefit (including partnerships with accountants, financial advisers, real estate agents and so on).

Ultimately, I offer my clients reliable, personalised and smart mortgage advice, transparent communication, and just the right amount of information to make informed decisions. I strive to provide an exceptional, stress-free lending experience by expertly guiding my customers through the application process and dealing with the banks on their behalf.