Are you feeling Christmassy?

It’s that time of year again. After an eventful and stressful year for many of us, you may be looking forward to taking a break, spending some time with friends and family, and celebrating the joy that Christmas can bring.

Decorating your home can certainly help to generate some Christmas spirit if you aren’t feeling ‘Christmassy’ just yet. But buying Christmas decorations from the shops can be expensive, and even a little tacky. And let’s face it, for something that only happens a few weeks a year, you may not feel that Christmas decorations are a sensible investment right now!

With that in mind, we wanted to offer you some ideas of how to decorate for Christmas on a budget.

There are plenty of items you can find around the place that can dress up your home beautifully. Here are some staples for a DIY Christmas: wood – crates, driftwood, twigs and boxes – always looks great, pieces of material in christmas colours, plant branches and vines, string and fishing wire, white (and maybe red) candles of various shapes and sizes, glass jars, bottle and glasses, fairy lights, pine cones, old tree baubles for upcycling, red, green and white coloured paper, glitter, and red, green and white ribbons.

Christmas mantle arrangement

This could be above a fireplace, a hall table, TV stand or any other shelf on display in your home.

Candle display

Dress up your candles

If you have any bigger standalone candles (ideally white, red or green) you can decorate them to create a Christmas vibe.  Here are a few ideas – you can mix and match them!

Table-top trees

Table centrepiece

The key here is to keep it simple but use a mix of red, green and white to instantly give your table a Christmassy feel.

Hanging decorations

Christmas wreaths

You can use a cardboard donut shape as a base for any sort of DIY wreath. Have fun mixing leaves, red baubles, pine cones (if you have them), twigs, glitter, string and ribbons to make your wreath more decorative.

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