Just because you've bought a home, it doesn't mean you're going to live in it forever.

Though some people happily live in their first house for decades, many who are still paying back their first home loan end up selling up and moving on to a different location, a bigger house or simply a property that better fits their circumstances.

For that reason, if you've just bought a home, it might pay to know what simple tricks can help you increase its value – and your windfall, should you elect to sell in the future.

Paint is your friend

It's amazing what a new coat of paint can do. Revitalise your kitchen by painting your cabinets and drawers to match, create stunning theme walls in bedrooms or common areas, and look for ways to lighten spaces by using bright colours.

See that your garden grows

Your garden can be an excellent frame for your house. Keep it well tended, full of colourful and healthy plants and your home will look great from all angles – that's curb appeal!

Storage sells

Home buyers love storage space, so give them – and yourself – lots of it! Wardrobes, shelves and other smart storage solutions are great additions with some additional practical uses.

Send clutter packing

Those storage spaces will help you remove clutter from your home! De-cluttering is like giving your house an instant makeover.

Even if you aren't a hoarder, it is amazing how many things can just accumulate around the house. Keeping clutter to a minimum means that when it comes time to show your home to potential buyers, your job of preparing it is that much easier.

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