When you purchase a home, alongside your home loan you will probably want to get house and contents insurance. What people often forget is that if you don’t maintain your home properly, it can affect future insurance claims. Keeping your house in good shape helps you down the line when you need to use that insurance, and here are some ways to stay on top of your home.

Dry is dreamy

One of the most destructive forces around the home is moisture. It can weaken walls, cause mould to build up and lead to extensive damage to your home. Some key areas you need to watch all year-round for water damage are:

– Gutters and drainpipes

– Under your kitchen and bathroom sinks

– Walls with piping behind them

Leaks don’t just wreak havoc on the structure of your home, they can increase your water bills. Make sure you check your home for leaks a couple of times a year, so you don’t have any bad implications on future insurance claims. You might even be able to save some money on bills for a weekend away!

The not-so-great outdoors

Trees provide great shelter from wind and shade from sun, but keep an eye on roots that grow near power lines, fences and your home. You don’t want them getting tangled up with the foundations of your home or your wiring, so maintenance is key. Loose or overhanging branches should be cleared away, as they can be hazardous in strong winds.

Ask the experts

If you do need work done on your home, always use a qualified expert. Doing it yourself can be rewarding, but dangerous if you are unprepared. As well as ensuring your home’s health in the long term, using qualified tradespeople works in your favour if your home is damaged and you need to make a claim. You don’t want to be caught out with your handiwork causing a problem in your home!

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