One of the great things about being a homeowner is that you get to tailor your house to your own needs and desires.

Unlike in a renting situation – where simply hanging a picture on a wall might be looked on as a capital offence – buying means you really are the master of your domain.

With no landlord threatening to appear for an inspection at short notice, all those plans that blossom in your mind about how to improve your home can be brought to fruition.

Many buyers will often purchase houses based in large part on what they plan to do with them. Instead of seeing all the things a prospective home is lacking, they choose to see where there is potential for improvement.

It's a great attitude to have, especially when your first home loan borrowing capacity means you end up looking at more fixer-uppers than mansions.

Once you've moved into your new house, there will naturally be a time of adjustment – both to a new living situation and to life with a mortgage.

Eventually though, the time may come when you want to put those renovation plans into action.

Getting really stuck into a project can be great fun and many homeowners might find skills and hobbies they never thought they possessed.

For bigger projects, the question of how to fund them will undoubtedly arise.

What can be helpful to remember is that, just as they can help you secure a first home buyer loan, mortgage advisers can help you finance home improvements.

That's because their expert knowledge of the home lending market means they are perfectly placed to advise you on your home loan refinancing options.

You can contact a Smartline Mortgage Adviser on 13 14 97 for home loan advice. Or complete our call request form and we’ll call you!

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