Upgrading to a new home is almost as exciting as becoming a home owner in the first place.

The difference is that now you are a home loan veteran, fresh from your first tour of duty and ready for some new action!

If you are looking for some extra ammunition this time around, some simple home improvements may help you to boost your current home's selling price.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Street view

How does your home look from the street? If it doesn't seem inviting or attractive, many buyers might not give it a chance – it won't matter how great it is inside.

For this reason, it pays to put some effort into sprucing up the parts of your house and property that are visible from the footpath.

Grab some paint and touch up any bits that are looking a bit tired, sweep paved areas and give some attention to plants and green areas. Adding some pot plants near the entrance can also make your place seem instantly more homely.

Light fixtures

Lighting is another aspect which should always be given priority when preparing your house for viewing.

If you have old or broken light fixtures, replace them with new ones and consider adding additional lamps or light sources in particularly dim areas of your home.

Light is your best friend, as it enlivens rooms and shows your house at its best – have a look at property websites and you'll see pictures of rooms with every light on!

A good clean

Now isn't the time for a superficial tidy up; roll your sleeves up and get really stuck in to cleaning every surface in your home.

This will take a bit of effort, yet is possibly the most inexpensive way to make it more attractive to buyers.

Do a big declutter at the same time and your home will look immaculate and significantly more inviting!

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