If you're a relatively experienced home buyer, then you might know what to look out for when buying a home. But what if the reason that you're scouting out mortgage brokers is because you're planning on purchasing a luxury property? 

While similar principles are at play as when you would buy a regular home, there are certain factors specific to luxury properties that you'll want to consider before signing on any dotted line. 

Go with a real estate agent

Using a real estate agent to help find the right property is a no-brainer. But since you've been around the block a few times when it comes to buying a home, you might think that you know enough to go it alone. 

Don't. When it comes to luxury property, an agent is an absolute must, preferably one who specialises in such real estate. Such an agent not only has the right contacts to make sure she or he will hear about the latest listings, but will also have the right experience to compare prices that someone selling ordinary homes would not. 

Unique amenities require unique expertise

When inspecting an ordinary home, you know what to look for: Is the roof in sound condition? What's the structural integrity of the building like? Is there any mould or rot? 

With a luxury property, there's a variety of extra amenities – from pools, spas and fountains to lawn irrigation and heated floors – that may require some specialist knowledge to property assess. You may need a home inspector with this specific expertise to look it over. 

Don't look for the usual features

Before committing to a home loan for a property, you're likely to weigh up factors like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the size of the backyard. With a luxury home, there's other architectural features you might want to consider. 

Rather than looking at the square footage of the property, think about the cubic footage. You want a home with a nice, tall ceiling. You're also not going to be looking for your average, cookie-cutter design – choose something with real architectural difference. Finally, look for double-paned windows that will protect against weather and outside noise. 

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