Property investment loans aren't just for helicopter-bound executives and real estate hawks.

In fact they can help you get ready for the time of your life when you start enjoying the fruits of all your labour – your retirement.

Planning for life after work, like learning a foreign language, is one of those things best done early.

This is because just as learning French is less difficult when you are younger, saving a decent amount for your retirement is much easier when you have longer to do it.

Property investment can be an excellent way to generate wealth, so it is a good idea to consider including it in your retirement saving strategy.

One of the principal benefits of investing in property is that house prices tend to rise over time.

This makes it a reasonably safe bet – especially if you don't mind waiting a while for a good return.

Another advantage is that lenders can let you borrow up to 95 per cent of a property's value, depending on the circumstances – meaning they are helping you invest for your future.

If you already own a property, buying a second one can be made easier by accessing your equity.

This means using the proportion of your house you already own to secure an investment home loan with more favourable terms, such as a lower interest rate or deposit.

You could then buy a house, apartment, holiday home or commercial property with the idea of letting the rental income cover mortgage payments.

This income can continue to support you into your retirement years once the loan is paid off, or you can elect to sell at some point to take advantage of high demand and make a good one off return.

A personal mortgage adviser can help you determine how property investment can set you up for the lifestyle you want when you retire.

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