Property investment is one of the most popular ways to grow wealth – here are some of the main reasons why.

A steady income

A big advantage of investment property is that once you have a tenant in place you can start to receive a passive income almost immediately.

Particularly if you are investing for the first time, being able to generate an income so quickly can be great for peace of mind after the excitement and uncertainty of starting an investment portfolio.

You can increase its value

Unlike assets like shares – which are at the mercy of the market – there is much that you as the owner can do yourself to increase the value of your investment property.

From comprehensive refurbishments to simple renovations, you can make a huge difference to the attractiveness of your property to potential tenants or buyers.

This is a big plus. If you are unhappy about the income you are getting from a rental investment property, doing it up is one way to generate more returns.

And of course there is the tendency for property to appreciate in value over time.


With each home loan repayment you will be building your equity in your investment property.

You can then use your home equity in future to secure great finance deals for renovation, further investment purchases, holidays or more.

That means you don't have to sell in order to gain the capital needed to expand your portfolio with further property investment loans.

You don't have to be an expert

One of the best things about property investment is that you don't have to have a degree in the subject to succeed.

No special training is required – just an understanding of the market and what you hope to achieve.

There are many resources available to keen first time investors which can equip them with the knowledge and confidence to take that first step on the property ladder.

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