Because you have your own business, it’s safe to assume you’re pretty good at something, right? Whether it’s service-based or not, holding an event for your customers (potential or existing) is a great tool for business growth for many reasons. If you’re an expert in something, why not share it? Show off your knowledge and your skills; help people. Just because social distancing is happening right now, it doesn’t mean you can’t go virtual to add value to your customers or clients.

Holding an event or workshop gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge as well as the chance to get to know your customers (and for them to get to know you!). It also allows you to introduce yourself to prospective customers who aren’t part of your tribe yet. If the event is newsworthy, you should get a media release out and you could even invite someone from your local newspaper to attend.

Ideas for holding an event might be:

  • to launch a new product or service, or a special offer from a partner
  • to treat your best customers to a VIP, invitation-only experience as a thank you for doing business with you
  • to educate people about what you do and how you can help them
  • to celebrate a new location opening
  • to bring other business owners together from a similar field, so you’re offering a range of speakers or exhibitors rather than just yourself
  • to celebrate a national day related to your field (if there isn’t one, you can actually start your own!)

So, have a think about what type of event you could hold that would benefit your customers, gain some exposure for your business and potentially convert some sales either during the event or after. Good luck!