At this time of year we all tend to think about the things we'd like to have.

This is natural enough as the season of giving is approaching and we all know that when there is giving, there must also be receiving!

For many homeowners, the days of desperately wanting GI Joe soldiers or the latest Barbie doll may be long gone, yet their wish list could be just as full as it once was when it was written in crayon.

This is because many may feel restricted by their home loan. Renovations, a new car, overseas trips or investments for the future may seem like things only possible once a loan is paid back – but this need not be true.

A mortgage is a living thing so it's important to give it a good check-up regularly – what better time than the end of the year to take stock of where you are and where you'd like to be twelve months, five years, or a decade from now?

Re-examining the terms of your mortgage will help you find a better financial outcome based on your present and future goals.

Mortgage brokers can give your home loan a free no-obligation health check to ensure it is delivering you the best value.

It may be that you are on the right track and just need some expert perspective to reaffirm this, but if not, home loan refinancing could provide a solution.

Refinancing your loan can help you select interest rates, fees and a mortgage structure to suit your current situation – after all, this may have changed from when you first applied for a loan.

You can also consolidate other debts or move to a repayment schedule that builds equity quicker – which you can then use to finance investment or other expenses.

A home loan health check could help save you money and time – the best gifts you'll receive this holiday season.

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