The impact of rapid growth has not been lost on Sydney, which is expecting to experience a massive population increase of two million people by 2013, and many initiatives are already underway to help house all the new additions to the city's eclectic mix of people.

The latest report from consultancy group Deep End Services has highlighted a projected increase of 25,000 apartments over the next five years New South Wales' capital city.

Spread across 36 suburbs and 11 local government areas, the 130 construction projects are expected to lessen the blow of rapid growth and help the city cope with the expansion.

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Geographically, the majority of the apartments are being planned for construction in the city's central business district and southern suburbs, with the projects cumulatively estimated to house 44,000 people.

The timeline for the projects indicates that the majority of them will be completed by the end of 2014, with present forecasts estimating an average completion rate of 4,000 dwellings per year.

Not only will these apartments help to house the upcoming influx of residents into the city, but these projects will also help to stimulate the local economy.

During construction, for example, local builders will be in high demand, while local small businesses will begin to benefit from the growth of people in their areas. 

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