It’s time to say goodbye to the balmy summer evenings and bright, sunny days – the cooler months are almost upon us. Whether you’re maintaining an investment property or looking after your own home, it’s the perfect time to start getting your property ready for when the winter chill starts to bite.


If you’re serious about getting your home ready for winter, it could be time to take out a construction loan to bring its insulation up to scratch. A property can lose a fair amount of heat and energy through poor insulation – and many older homes might not have any at all!

In fact, according to the Victorian government, by installing proper insulation in the ceiling, walls and under the floor you could cut your home’s energy bills down by around 45 per cent every year. That sum could instead go towards paying off your home loan.

Depending on the state of your property’s insulation, it could be big financial undertaking, so make sure you’ve thoroughly gone over all the costs involved with your mortgage broker.

Outdoor repairs

The chilly months can be incredibly hard on a home. With the pouring rain and battering winds likely to give your property a working over, it’s better to patch up and improve the exterior to make sure any small problems don’t become large ones. This includes broken or cracked tiles, as well as rusty iron sheeting.

Keep an eye on your gutters, as well. Leaky or blocked drains can create a much bigger issue – water damage! If you or your builder spot any cracks in your downpipes, it might be worth replacing them completely to avoid heavy costs down the line.

Draught proofing

You can keep your home toasty warm during winter with a few key changes. The brutal winter air can find its way through many nooks and crannies – and windows are often the culprit. However, the Victorian government found that only 24 per cent of renovators choose to replaced their existing windows with double-glazed option. But given around 40 per cent of a home’s heat energy can be lost through windows, according to the Department of Industry and Science, have a careful think about your options. While tight-fitting blinds and curtains can go a long way towards keeping the warmth in, double-glazing can be the best route to take.

You can retrofit these panes onto your existing windows, but if the frames are looking a little tired, it might be time to get a construction loan organised to put in some new ones. Timber frames are a good option for keeping your home warm as they don’t conduct heat, but they will need a fair bit more upkeep than other types.

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