Gavin Tandon

For Gavin Tandon, who won Mortgage Professional Australia’s Young Gun award in 2016, the best thing about owning your own mortgage advisory business is that you are building an asset of value for the future.

“It goes without saying that flexibility in working hours is a massive plus to this business,” says Gavin. “Additionally, if you work hard, you can make much more money than you would typically earn in a salaried job. But what I really love is that I am investing in my own future every day by building a business of value, rather than working to build up someone else’s business.”

Owning your own business also means you have the flexibility to do it your way, says Gavin. “It’s very exciting and liberating to be able to put your own ideas into practise. I can market and advertise where and how I like, and run the business how I see fit. The added bonus is the immense satisfaction I get from helping others fulfil their dreams – it really is an extremely rewarding job in so many ways.”

When embarking on his franchise several years ago, Gavin was confident that he would have the support and assistance he needed from Smartline, not just when starting up but then in growing the business later on. “Aside from the practical and technical support Smartline offers, it also has great peer support and a very healthy culture among the various franchisees. This is why it has a great reputation within the industry, which in turn is beneficial for each of the franchisees themselves.”


Gavin’s top tips are:

  • Plan, strategise and have a goal for at least five years into the future.

  • Target a specific market so you don’t spread yourself too thinly

  • Hire an assistant.

    Get support by hiring someone else to take on the extra admin work, that way you can focus on generating leads and helping your clients.
  • Be proactive to find leads.

    Some things that have worked for me include: marketing and advertising (radio and newspaper) that specifically targets your market, running information stalls at events to build a database and organising business referrals (especially through accountants and real estate agents).



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