Sarah Mitchell

Like many others, Sarah Mitchell wanted the perfect work life balance when she had children.

“I’ve known I wanted to work in the finance industry since leaving school. But I more recently discovered that what I really love is helping people make their dreams come true by buying their own home. The best thing is I can do just that, and spend more time with my young family. I can choose when I work, which means I can be with them when it matters most,” says Sarah.

Sarah looked at the various options when she decided to become a broker, but says she was most impressed by Smartline.

“Smartline was by far the best option. From the first conversation I had with them I knew it was the right choice. The support they offer franchisees is second to none. If I need assistance with anything, help is only a phone call away.”

As with anyone embarking on a new venture, Sarah was nervous about starting out. “The support that was provided when I first came on board was amazing!” she says. “From my weekly meetings with the State Management team to my personal business coach, Smartline provided me with everything I needed to ensure my business was built on solid foundations.”


Sarah’s top tips are:

  • Get on social media.

    Facebook is a powerful tool that gets your name out there. It has been a major source of initial enquiries for me and it’s an easy way for people to share my details with their friends. It has been instrumental in getting my business name out into the community.
  • Tell everyone what you are doing.

    Make sure all your friends and family know what you are doing as this will be your initial client base. Since they care about you, they will often tell their friends and family what you are doing too.
  • When networking, wear a uniform and a name badge.

    This makes it easier to introduce yourself to new people, and people won't forget your name when they are speaking with you.
  • Get some referral partners.

    When I first started, I walked the streets speaking with potential referral partners and handing out business cards. This has created some great referral partners, which has really boosted my client base.



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