Sash Petrovski


Sash Petrovski owned a CBA Home Lending Solutions business for 14 years but decided to join Smartline last year. With 1,300 clients and a loan book of almost $400 million, switching was a big decision. Six months in, he knows it was the right one.

“I was very excited to join Smartline. It was time to reinvent myself and move with the demands and needs of the market. Ten years ago, many borrowers felt the need to be with one of the big 4 banks; they were perceived as trustworthy and secure.

“But nowadays people are moving away from this. There are many more lenders around and they are offering more competitive rates – and sometimes – better service. Many borrowers now just want a loan solution that meets their needs and the most competitive rate they can find, they don’t care that much where it comes from. I think also some borrowers are a bit disgruntled with the bigger banks as they perhaps haven’t looked after them as well as they expected them to.
“As a Smartline broker, I can now offer my clients loan options from 25 lenders which is a huge leap forward from just offering loans from one bank. I love being able to offer more flexible solutions to my clients but it’s also been a great business decision; the more options I can offer clients, the bigger my potential client base as I can find a loan for almost any circumstance.

“Having your own business is a wonderful thing. You can control your own journey and your own destiny. You don’t have to answer to anyone else. You can work as hard to you want – you reap what you sow. As a broker, I get a great deal of satisfaction from helping people find life solutions and seeing that smile on their face as it all becomes clear. That’s actually what it’s all about for me.

“In terms of building my business, I try to be as involved as possible in my community so that people get to know me personally. This helps greatly as this is a trust-based, highly personal business and people are far more likely to trust someone they know. When people see you time and again sharing your knowledge, and being genuine, friendly and generous with your time, it all helps greatly to build trust and make sure your name is top of mind.

“I truly believe that with passion, motivation, enthusiasm, honesty, integrity and drive, everything is possible. Never lose sight of the end goal – you are trying to help as many people as possible get the lending solution that matches their needs to build a successful financial future.”

Sash’s top tips for someone starting out are:

  • Having a financial background is a huge bonus.

    But if you don’t have that, work hard to build your financial knowledge. Take advantage of the coaching, training, mentoring, business and marketing expertise offered by Smartline. It is a great opportunity to get yourself as educated, informed and up to date as possible.
  • Your staff are very important to your success.

    Find people whose values and work ethic match yours – only then will they add value to your business.
  • You’ll want the people in your local community to know you well.

    Don’t be afraid to advertise and promote yourself. Be involved in as many community groups as you can. Sponsor local sports clubs, get involved in local events, talk to people at every opportunity.
  • Use social media.

    Facebook is an easy and effective way of connecting with your community. Posting regularly means you can show your expertise and knowledge and also allow people to get to know your work ethic, values and personality. It doesn’t require a huge amount of effort compared to other marketing channels and is well worth it.

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