Preparing for a spring sale? Spruce up your home for less than $5K

Preparing for a spring sale? Spruce up your home for less than $5K

As spring approaches, the warmer weather encourages buying activity and is a popular time to sell a home in Australia.

If you are listing your property on the market this spring, it’s imperative that it looks its best. While immaculate presentation can help you secure a premium price, you don’t need to spend a fortune to make your home look the best it can be.

Principal of interiors blog The Edited Home, Liberty Biggins, suggests three ways you can improve your home’s presentation for sale for $5,000 or less.

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Head outdoors

First impressions count and the first thing buyers notice about your property is its entry area – the front fence, garden, steps and veranda. Spent smartly, a modest budget can make yours shine.

Start by having any large trees and branches that overhang pathways or the driveway lopped or trimmed, then follow up with a visit to the garden centre.

“A good mulching will give you plenty of bang for your outdoor buck – just a few bags can ensure the garden beds are looking full and neat,” Biggins says.

While you’re there, throw a generous quantity of potted herbs and flowering perennials into the trolley.

“They’ll grow quickly and provide instant colour. The scent of fresh herbs leading into the home are always a welcoming treat for potential buyers,” Biggins says.

Re-staining or painting the front fence and steps adds immediate freshness for a small outlay, while a professional window clean will remove cobwebs and make the home sparkle from the outside in.

Pick up the paintbrushes

Want serious value for your tidy-up spend? Think paint. A $5,000 budget should include the cost of a quick interior coat in a neutral colour for an average-size home – less if you’re happy to do some of the brushwork yourself.

If cash is extra tight, concentrate on the most significant spaces – the sitting room, bathroom, kitchen and other common areas.

“The freshly painted effect gives every home an instant revamp, which easily pays for itself when it hits the market,” Biggins says.

“And if you want to add a little more oomph to your transformation, give the front door a coat too.”


Styling key rooms can add thousands to your home’s sale price by removing the clutter of everyday life and making it easier for prospective buyers to envisage living there.

There’s no need to replace every stick of furniture – removing anything that’s broken or desperately dated, followed by a rigorous clean and declutter, will usually suffice.

Dedicate your budget to eye-catching accessories and additions, Biggins advises.

“Textiles such as cushions, bed linen, towels and throw rugs can give your interior a contemporary lift for a small outlay,” she says.

“And plants on a kitchen shelf, in the bathroom and on the coffee table add life to any home.”

Small outlay; big results

Getting your property ready to sell this spring need not cost the earth. Spent smartly, a few thousand dollars can significantly improve the way it presents to potential buyers. So now’s the time to hit the DIY stores to start your home’s makeover.


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