Sunshine Coast

The Smartline Report – March Edition

The month in review: Sunshine Coast

By Herron Todd White
March 2015

The power of interest rates giving the market a push along appears to have reduced. Saving a few dollars on a home loan is hardly going to be the driving force behind buying a property. There are other factors that come into play prior to making this long term financial commitment.

Amenity and affordability of an area are considered, but the big one for all of us continues to be
employment and income security, plain and simple.

Without these, buying a property is the furthest thing from your mind. That is why the deeper question should be whether the property is in a region where there are works underway to promote employment growth and income security thereby creating an environment for home ownership. We believe that on the Sunshine Coast the answer is yes.

We look at two big factors locally.

The new Sunshine Coast University Hospital will be a game changer. This will create a new layer of employment on the coast that has typically been dependent on the tourism and construction industries. Some of the numbers around the hospital are that it will open in 2016 with about 450 beds and about 3,500 staff, with the ability to grow to over 738 beds with about 6,000 staff. An injection of this magnitude into an economy the size of the Sunshine Coast will have a major positive effect.

The second factor is a local government that appears to be doing its best to promote the region and provide an economic strategy for growth into the future. Some of the projects such as the Maroochydore CBD and enhancement of the Sunshine Coast airport are steps in the right direction. The big challenge moving forward is being able to grow at a sustainable rate and not adversely impact the environmental and community benefits that we currently enjoy.

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