Alison Bromley

Having sacrificed and worked hard to save the money for the deposit for her first house, Alison Bromley became overwhelmed at the thought of the home loan process and paying off a mortgage on her own.

Alison Bromley

“I had been focused on buying a house for several years and did everything possible to make that happen – being careful about money spent on shopping, not going on expensive holidays, and living in a pretty basic and cheap rental apartment so I could save up a healthy deposit,” Alison said.
“Once I thought I had enough for a deposit I started looking for a house but soon afterwards gave up. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to afford the ongoing commitment of a mortgage on my own and it all seemed too hard.”

A work colleague recommended Smartline Adviser Anthony Stone and, as a result, Alison said everything soon fell into place.

“I had seen a two-bedroom house I liked and Anthony actually met me at the house and looked through it with me, giving me his thoughts on the property.”

“He was very quickly able to show me how it could all work. He told me exactly what I needed for a deposit, how Lenders Mortgage Insurance worked and talked me through what kind of repayments I would be looking at, and some possible changes I could make to my budget.”

“To my surprise I discovered that I wouldn’t have to put all of my savings into the deposit and that I could make it work on my own. That provided me with the confidence to make the leap.”

Anthony helped Alison with much more than just the home loan application process. He negotiated with the real estate agent on Alison’s behalf and she ended up getting the house for a substantial amount less than the asking price.

Alison is now considering the possibility of turning her two-bedroom property into a three-bedroom home in the coming years, with the goal of turning the house into an investment property at some stage in the future.

“I always felt that he was genuinely interested and cared about the outcome – I never felt like he was just doing it because it was his job.”



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