Belinda Fellows

Having a great mortgage broker can really help ease the stress and strain that comes with buying a property – particularly when you’re doing it solo.

Belinda Fellows

Getting back into the property market was a priority for Belinda Fellows, after she had separated from her partner and they had sold the property they had together.

“I’d never had a mortgage on my own, so it was a pretty big thing knowing I only had myself to rely on – if you get sick or something else happens there’s no one to fall back on,” says Belinda.

When Belinda met Smartline broker Deb Smith, she had already paid a deposit on a new townhouse in Melbourne. The seller had arranged some finance for her but it just didn’t feel right. “It was all really shifty,” says Belinda. “I didn’t feel like I could trust him 100%.”

Luckily, due to her job being part time, Belinda’s loan application through the seller was rejected.  “That was really lucky because they still haven’t started building!” says Belinda, her misgivings about the deal proving correct.

“Deb helped me through that mess – she helped me get my deposit back on the townhouse, and the very next day, we started planning what property I should buy.”

Then Belinda found her dream home, which was perfect, except that it had tenants who were locked in for another 11 months. “Deb explained we needed to take out an investment loan because of the tenants, but that if we paid Principal and Interest, we could still get the same rate as an owner-occupier loan.”

Everything was looking good until the vendor had issues at their end paying out their existing loan which resulted in a delayed settlement.

“I was so worried I was going to lose the property, which would have been really disappointing because we got a great price. But Deb was right onto it; she liaised with the bank and just made it all happen for me.

“Deb is always willing to help – nothing is ever too hard for her to assist with. She was happy to step me through the process, and explain everything along the way. She has such a calm manner that she was able to keep me calm, even though I was always imagining the worst case scenarios. She just made it all stress-free.”



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