Fiona and Jamie Clifford

When young couple Fiona and Jamie decided to build their new home, they knew they could rely on Smartline Personal Mortgage Adviser Pier Wernigk, to help them out. Pier had previously assisted with the finance for their first home.

Fiona and Jamie Clifford

“The paperwork can be very confusing especially if you’re uneducated about the process but Pier provided all the information we needed and was always very helpful and professional,” said Fiona.

After selling their existing home, Pier advised the couple to use part of the proceeds for the land deposit. She also suggested that the remainder be used to start construction, cover unexpected building costs and complete finishing touches to their new home. This took the time and financial pressures off, whilst the loan application was processed, and the builder was also able to commence preliminary work.

When Fiona and Jamie purchased their land, interest rates were just beginning to rise, so future costs of repayments were of real concern. “Pier helped explain what was best for our situation, in light of what was happening in the market”, said Fiona. At the time this meant locking in a lower fixed rate for the land and arranging a split loan for the construction. This limited interest rate exposure whilst retaining some flexibility.

“Building a house can be a very overwhelming and emotional process as there is a lot of money involved, but Pier took care of everything and was always available when I called. When I received emails from the builder chasing construction progress payments I just called Pier and she chased up the lender for us,” said Fiona.

Luckily the couple were also able to move into Fiona’s parent’s home, during the 14 months it took to complete construction and now live close to them in their new home. Fiona says they’re still settling in but when they’re ready to take the next step and purchase their first investment property they will be giving Pier a call.



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