Janine Davies

Janine Davies originally found the idea of buying a home nerve-wracking.

Janine Davies

Terminology she didn’t understand, mountains of paperwork to complete and loads of lenders advertising rates and ‘deals’ left Janine questioning what options suited her best.

After seeking assistance from Smartline Adviser Tony Keehan to buy her first house, Janine had peace of mind that she made the right choice.

Within five months of moving into her new home, Janine was more than six months ahead on her loan repayments and wiser for the experience.

“It’s my goal to pay off my mortgage as soon as I can while still living comfortably,” Janine says.
“I believe my progress with repayments is because of my work with Tony, who made sure the purchase price of my house wouldn’t be more than I could afford and that I’d be able to meet the repayments. Mind you, I’m pretty good at saving money, which helps!”

At first, Janine was unaware of the service offered by mortgage advisers and on hearing about them from a friend she mistakenly believed there would be a fee.

“I was wrong – and all of a sudden everything seemed so easy,” she says. “It was like having a personal assistant to do all of the running around and filling in the paperwork for me – I just had to sign on the dotted line.”

“Tony helped me to understand the process, calculated what I could afford on my income, found the right loan to suit my goals and ensured all the paperwork was completed, submitted and processed on time.”

“All the while, Tony helped me understand the whole process, and when I was unsure, he provided the information I needed to make informed decisions.”

Janine is delighted with her experience and strongly recommends working with a Smartline Adviser.
“You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with a mortgage adviser,” she says. “Working with Tony saved me a lot of headaches – and he understood my financial situation and limitations as well as I did.”



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