Kerry Simpson and Scott Wright

Kerry and Scott joke that their Smartline Adviser knows more about their finances than they do.

Kerry Simpson and Scott Wright

Over the past 11 years Smartline has helped Kerry Simpson and Scott Wright buy their first unit, upgrade and invest in other properties and start a share portfolio. As a result, they now live in a home that is an ‘entertainer’s delight’ with a minimal mortgage. Kerry says Pier’s assistance with the purchase of that first unit was life changing.

“I was pretty green about finances and it was a whole new world to me,” Kerry said. “When we first started looking to buy a property I rang a number of different banks and that just confused me, as there was so much jargon and it all seemed a bit daunting.”

“Working with our Smartline Adviser was a different experience – she basically gave me a lesson in Home Loans 101. She understood what we wanted to achieve, which was to buy the unit and then trade up from there as it increased in value. She held our hand all the way and still does.”

“Having someone who has a strong understanding of our situation, coupled with their knowledge and experience, gives us a great deal of confidence,” Kerry said.

“If we’re contemplating something major, our Adviser is the first person we speak with. If she says she thinks it works, then that gives us the confidence to move forward with it.”

“She always runs through all the possible scenarios with us – best and worst case – so we can make an informed decision. We’ve come a long way in terms of improving our financial situation and our financial education, and much of that is due to her.”

The consistency provided by being able to deal with the same Mortgage Adviser over the course of many years has many benefits as well.

“It’s been great to have that consistency because I have no doubt that if we had been talking direct to a bank all through these years, we probably would have ended up dealing with a dozen different people by now,” Kerry said.

“We have that certainty and reliability with our Smartline Adviser. She knows exactly who we are, our financial situation, and what we’re trying to achieve.”



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