Matt Richardson

Running his own successful IT project management business while growing his investment property portfolio means Matt Richardson is always keen to find ways to efficiently manage his time.

His background in project management also means he places a strong emphasis on minimising risk in all aspects of his business and investing.

These priorities have meant that he has enjoyed the many benefits of working with Smartline Adviser Sharon Lee to help him access finance to fund his property passion.

“I bought my first investment property in late 2010 and when I later wanted to look at unlocking the equity in that property to fund my next purchase, I sought advice from Sharon, who had been recommended to me,” Matt said.

“Sharon was able to take care of the entire process, and ensure that I could get the outcome I wanted – and the ability to start looking for my next investment.”

Using equity and savings, Matt now has three investment properties and is looking for his fourth investment in the near future. He works with a buyers’ agency which brings together investors to buy blocks of 1960s and 70s unrenovated units in inner suburban Melbourne.

In the meantime, he and his partner have just bought their own house, which they are looking to demolish and rebuild.

“While I have a degree of flexibility with my time, working with Sharon allows me to focus on building my business, looking for the next property opportunity or enjoying the time how I want to spend it.”
“Working with a quality adviser like Sharon is part of that risk management process.”




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