Steve Moran and Andrea Bernard

Steve Moran and Andrea Bernard have always been focused on managing their money and maximising opportunities to grow their wealth.

Steve Moran and Andrea Bernard

Having clear goals – backed by a financial strategy and good advice from their Smartline Adviser Sharon Lee – has allowed the couple to keep their first home as an investment property, purchase and extensively renovate their terrace home and now look to invest in Australian shares.
“We were mindful of the importance of making the most of what we earn from our early 20s, if not earlier,” Steve said.

“That saw us getting our foot on the first rung of the property ladder just as we got married with the purchase of a small townhouse. We then had a strong focus on paying down the mortgage while also saving additional funds.”

Five years after the purchase of the townhouse, the strong amount of equity the couple had built up in the property, together with their savings, allowed them to purchase a Victorian terrace closer to the CBD while being able to keep their first property and rent it out.

“That had been our goal in those first few years, and Sharon was quickly able to confirm for us that it was manageable, giving us the best of both worlds. While it meant we had a lot more debt, we were comfortable with the fact that it was being used to allow us to benefit from ownership of
two properties.”

Steve and Andrea undertook  a large extension that saw them turning the two bedroom, one bathroom property into a three bedroom, two bathroom property with a better located, modern kitchen.

With a significant amount of their wealth in residential property, the couple are now looking to diversify, with future savings to be used to invest in Australian shares.

“Being mindful of how we use our money, having a focus and being organised has allowed us to make the most of what we have earned and has put us in a comfortable position.”



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