Udaya and Nita Lohani

With their family having outgrown the two-bedroom unit they had lived in for seven years, Udaya and Nita Lohani knew the time was right to upsize.

Udaya and Nita Lohani

They not only needed three bedrooms and a large backyard, they also wanted to buy a home close to where their two children went to school, so they could walk every day.

With that in mind, their first port of call was Smartline Adviser Kapil Nepal.

“Being self employed as a pest controller, I knew it was important to have everything in place before we started looking for a house,” Udaya said.

“Having met with Kapil, we knew exactly what information we needed to provide. We understood how much we could spend on a house, so we didn’t waste time looking at properties that were outside our budget.”

“When we purchased our first property, we went direct to the bank branch.”

“Having Kapil organise our loan this time around was so much better. He took the time to explain our options and gave advice on the best approach based on our situation and what we wanted to achieve.”

“Based on his advice, we went with a split loan – part fixed and part variable. We liked the idea of having the flexibility to pay off as much as we could while still having the certainty of some of the loan being fixed in case rates rise.”

“When we dealt with the bank direct there were so many forms to fill in and questions to answer, so it was a relief to have Kapil take care of all of that for us.”



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